Master Affiliate Profits (MAP) – Affiliate Marketing Reinvented?

MAP (Master Affiliate Profits) is developed by John Thornhill (the mastermind behind the renowned Ambassador Program) and Omar and Melinda Martin. Omar and Melinda are the CMO and CEO of Higher Level Strategies, a company specializing in empowering online marketers through comprehensive training, products, and services. They claim they have revolutionized affiliate marketing with their system.

The Core Objective Of MAP

The core objective of MAP is to establish a holistic environment tailored to affiliate marketers. This ecosystem not only safeguards leads (so they are not poached by vendors), but also encompasses essential elements such as built-in traffic, training resources, and indispensable tools. Additionally, affiliates who enroll in MAP stand to benefit from generous commissions, potentially reaching as high as 100% during the ongoing phase 2, which extends until the end of April.

Summary Of My Experience

My name is Phil Martindale. I have been working in affiliate marketing for the last 15 years, intertwined with working as an Internet Marketing consultant, branding expert and website developer.

Around three weeks ago, I became a MAP Backer during the ongoing phase 2. Despite my considerable experience in affiliate marketing, I’ve uncovered invaluable insights through the provided training sessions. Applying these newfound strategies has notably boosted the quality of traffic to my single link and expanded my contact list. Judging from the comprehensive tracking data, I’m optimistic about imminent sales as I can see (via tracking) interest, growing daily, from potential buyers.

By opting in as a platinum member during phase 2, I’m demonstrating my unwavering dedication to the MAP community. I foresee the system effectively breaking down various barriers that have hindered affiliate marketers’ progress. During phase 3 (scheduled for late April), I’ll be entitled to a 75% commission on affiliates who enroll and upgrade to higher tiers, along with a secondary 25% commission. Given the monthly subscription model starting from phase 3 onwards, these commissions are set to accumulate substantially.

Priced at a lifetime cost of $797 (a one-time payment), the value proposition of MAP is clear to be seen, with just two successful sales sufficient to recoup the investment. Moreover, upcoming free members joining in phase 3 will also enjoy lucrative commission rates, including 100% on the “Traffic Jump-Start” product within the system and 25% on sales of silver, gold, or platinum levels. Opting for higher membership tiers unlocks even greater commission potential.

Features I Like Most

I particularly appreciate MAP‘s lead safeguarding feature. The stealing of leads or affiliate marketers’ lists has been a significant problem until now. As marketers drive traffic to vendors’ products, many of those vendors have just taken those leads to promote other things and this dilutes the efforts of the affiliate marketers. The fact that MAP is designed as an ecosystem gets arround this.

MAP’s comprehensive nature ensures that I have access to nearly all the training and tools necessary for my affiliate marketing endeavors. These tools encompass everything from funnel design to creating bonus pages and much more. Likewise, the training resources cover a broad spectrum of topics including list building, email marketing, traffic generation, video marketing, blogging, social media strategies, and ad/banner creation.

The straightforward compensation plan is a standout feature for me, devoid of complexities like powerlines and spillovers. Additionally, the introduction of a free membership option starting from phase 3 onwards is appealing, as it simplifies the process of signing up potential prospects who may later choose to upgrade.

Moreover, I am drawn to the potential for earning commissions from external platforms integrated with or utilized by the system, such as WarriorPlus, JVZoo, Clickbank, Udimi, Aweber, Getresponse, and others.

The ability to organize and filter clicks by source, tracking ID, and date is a valuable feature, as is the clear presentation of leads and sales data.

Features I Dislike

There is very little to dislike. I’ve observed a few missing items labelled as “coming soon”, but I only assume they are on their way in phase 3 from May onwards.


The system indeed fulfills its promise of being created as an all-embracing ecosystem, providing lead safeguarding, integrated traffic solutions, a single link to promote, generous commissions via a compensation plan that is easy to understand, comprehensive training and tools, and an active Facebook community. It is what affiliate marketers have been eagerly waiting for. They can put themselves through the extensive training and also have, at their disposal, a high quality product to promote.

Summary of Features

  • Built-In Traffic
  • Safeguarding of Leads and List For Optimal List Building
  • Extensive Training In Affiliate Marketing
  • A Broad Set Of Tools And Resources
  • Very Active Facebook Group
  • High Commissions
  • Commissions For Purchases Of Third-Party Products
  • Tracking Of Clicks
  • Integration With Leading Autoresponders Is Facilitated

    “MAP is being trumpeted as the affiliate marketers’ ecosystem. I strongly affirm that this is indeed the case. With its training, tools, lead safeguarding and built-in traffic , it’s clearly an affiliate marketers dream come true!”

    Phil Martindale

    Company Director, Alcander

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